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eGo AIO All-In-One Style review by a Vape shop Colorado Springs


Joyetech Ego AIO Info and review.

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have finally gotten in the Joyetech AIO….

I will discuss the features and my impressions of this new device

Vape Shop Colorado Springs Joyetech eGo AIO

The product came well packaged in an attractive cardboard box with everything you would expect.

1.Joyetech AIO with 1500 mah hour battery and a 2ml tank that is reminiscent of the Cubis top load tank and a spiral drip tip.

2.2 .6 ohm atomizers.

3.1 USB cable

4.one spare plastic drip tip

5.Usual documentation including a filling guide, a user guide and a warranty card,

Leak Free Tank

This is true. The only way I got any juice anywhere was when I first filled it and it was my fault because I over filled it.

Top Load.

Even with the child proof lid it is easy to fill.

Spiral Drip tip.

When I first got this I did not understand it was supposed to give me a more even vape but what I also noticed is it kept the splattering down caused by condensation.

Led lit 2 ml tank

The LEDs are Kind of kewl and this pen is cheap enough that I do not consider it an upcharge to get the LEDs. The lights are available in 7 colors and can be changed when the vape is turned off by holding the fire button for 5 seconds. After you are in the program mode for the lights just push the fire button to rotate through the colors. When the color you want is found just wait until light goes out. Turn on your vape and enjoy! The 2 mil tank is a little small but it is easy to fill so I believe I can deal with it.



My Personal Opinions.

I was a bit hesitant about using such a small device (19 mm or about ¾ of an inch around and 118.05 mm long or about 4.7 inches). My initial reaction when I unwrapped the box was this was going to be a throw away like you get at the gas station. WOW was I wrong.

Holding 2 mil of juice it has an ok sized tank. The child proof lid is pretty kewl for those with kids. I thought it might be hard to use but this big child was able to open it easily.

How did it vape? Really well for its size and power.

The cloud was good. The flavor was good (Blue Raspberry house juice mmmmmm.) The price point is acceptable for a less quality product.


I don’t like how you adjust airflow. It is not necessarily bad but easily hit in my pocket.

It is a little hard of a draw but I got used to this in just a few minutes. I am used to vaping on a big mod with a TFV4 and my other atomizer costs more than this whole unit so the fact I could get comfortable with it this fast is kudos to Joyetech.

This unit is completely unregulated. As such as the battery goes low so does the power. I thought this would upset me but with the .5 and .6 ohm atomizers I ran in it even at the lowest power I found it to be a satisfying vape. From what we can tell at a full charge it puts out something close to 22 watts and when it needs to be charged it is 16 or 17 watts with the .6 ohm coil. I really really hope this comes out with temperature control and a 2200 mah battery in the future but for a small starter pen this is a really good one.

On a couple of occasions, I went to get a vape and found that it did not fire. The solution was easy. Make sure the cap was on tight and viola big cloud.

I understand that the reason for the small size tank and the low power is to meet some sort of EU regulation but have not been able to confirm this.

As I stated earlier I expected this to be a gas station style Vape. I did not order many of them on the first order but have increased my order a ton. I like it enough so that I believe I am ordering enough for my tasting table tonight.


This is a very small very easy to use vape. Big clouds for its size. Leak proof and child proof tank. If you are looking for an extra vape to have laying around or one to leave in the car this is awesome. A fantastic starter pen at a modest price with good flavor and good smoke.

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