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Myth or Truth


Myths about Vape

Vaping has grown in the last few year like almost nothing I have ever seen. There are proponents to the industry and some opponents. There is misconceptions and ridiculous studies. I have read studies that If I did not take a moment to think about would scare me off and I am the owner and juice maker at a Vape shop.

Myths and Facts about vaping. 

These are the answers as I understand them. If you find more material to support or disprove my findings let me know and I will modify or show the study. 

Myth 1. Big tobacco has no stake in the vape industry. False

Lets start with big tobacco has the majority stake in E-Cigarettes and it comes from both sides. First many of us vape or started vaping in an attempt to quit smoking.  That affect the bottom line for big tobbaco. But they are not stupid so have created there own lines of E-Cigarettes.  These are not vapes but from what I can tell are older tech and equally unregulated.

Lets look what people consider to be non tobacco owned E-Cigarettes. 

Blu -- until July 2014 blu eCigs was owned by Lorillard Tobacco Company. At that time Lorillard was purchased by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company blu eCigs was sold to Imperial Tobacco as part of a billion dollar deal between Reynolds Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco.  Ok let me put that like it would go on a check $7,100,000,000.00. A mind blowing number if you ask me. Think about this as you hear some of the claims from big tobacco and read some of the studies.

I have every intention on doing another blog what e cigarettes are owned by big tobacco but this should suffice to make my point.  Blu alone had a value of 7.1 billion dollars. Big tobbaco has both a need and a responsibility to its share holders to try and push regulations that take vaping out and only allows there e cigarettes to be marketed. 

Myth 2. The FDA does not regulate the Vape industry Fact

In truth the FDA does not regulate the vape industry. It has been fairly well self regulated. I can assure you in my store I do not sell to people under the age of 18 (The legal age to smoke in Colorado). If we hear about a chemical in the flavoring that is even in question we ensure that it does not go in our juice or in any juice we carry.  That being said I can not speak for everyone that makes juice or what they carry. I also can not speak for what is put in the ecigarretes that are carried at the gas station like Blu. Nothing extra is added to keep you hooked as a matter of fact one of the reasons I opened my business was to help people like myself that smoked for years or decades actually get off cigarettes. I like the fact that my house no longer smells like an ashtray and I do not either. 

Myth 3, Vape does not help you quit smoking. FALSE

I was going to do a lot of research on this and to be honest I chose not. In the time I have been vaping I have watched some people go from smoking to no nicotine and possibly eventually to not vaping and others to just cutting back drastically and finally some that just go back to smoking.  But there appears to be anecdotal evidence to support that it will help you quit. This can become a habit of its own but so can jelly bean eating (What Ronald Reagan did to quite smoking) My experience is yes it does help if someone wants it. 

Myth 4. There is nicotine and other addictive drugs in E-Cigarettes and Vape False

Well yes and no. Nicotine can be served in Vape as can CBDs (Canabanoids) and in some cases I have heard of caffeine and herbal products. That being said it is not uncommon for someone to vape a plain or just flavored vape. So to say that this is a gateway to smoking or you have to have nicotine to enjoy vaping is absolutely wrong.  Like I said above I can not speak for anything but what we produce and carry in our store but if we find it can possibly be addictive more than nicotine we will not carry it. 

Myth 5. Vaping Causes Popcorn lung False

This really requires an entire blog written for it but let me start with why it is called popcorn lung. 

Popcorn Lung is actually Bronchiolitis obliterans and is called such because it was identified in workers who inhaled the artificial butter flavor used to make microwavable popcorn. It was caused by inhaling HUGE amounts of Diacetyl by popcorn workers. And yes it did cause horrible respiratory problems. 

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And the next question I always get is Diacetyl used in our Juice. This is an unequivocal no!!!!! It is a common butter or cream flavoring but other options are available to us and we strive to make this as healthy of a product as we can. 

Is Diacetyl used in other juices? The answer is probably. That being said we wont carry it and there is more to the story and evidence .Not only are levels of diacetyl far higher in tobacco smoke than e-cig vapor, but the levels of dangerous compounds found in many of the products studied“are absolutely minimal, and it is not expected to raise any concerns about human health effects,” according to Farsalinos one of the authors of this paper

There have been as of yet no cases of popcorn lung attributed to smoking cigarettes which or reported to have between 10 and 100 times the amount of Diacetyl and acetyl propionyl than vapor does. 

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Myth 6.  Vapor cigarettes contribute to lung cancer and heart disease: False

I believe that the answer is we do not know but.... There is no smoke simply vapor so many of the known reasons for coronary issues are simply not there. Now can we say it is perfectly healthy. Probably not but neither is water. Too much water and I drowned. Too much exercise and I fall over dead from a heart attack.  Too many cigarettes and we know what happens. So is it safer. Well anecdotal evidence would certainly look like it. There are limited chemicals in it and I can tell you this. As I weened myself off cigarettes to vape I noticed my air come back I found my lungs became clearer and I felt better. 

Myth. 7. Vaping is the same as smoking: False

Vaping produces water vapor while smoking produces smoke. The two are very different when it comes to their components. Smoke, as mentioned is full of harmful chemicals while water vapor is simply, the gaseous phase of water.

Myth 8. It is too expensive to start vaping.  False

Again I will not speak for every store but solid usable vapes are available in my store that range from 15 to 26 dollars (at the time of this writing) and a bottle of juice is $12.50 per 30 mill bottle. Now lets say you are a pack of cigarettes a day smoker and can find cigarettes by the carton for 50 dollars that means your first week is better than break even and after that the cost savings is HUGE. 

Can you spend more? Of course. But lets say you buy a 150 dollar dream vape set up. That is still the equivalence of 3 cartons of cigarettes and then the juice is still only $12.50 a 30 mil.  Don't skimp on juice and if the person selling to you does not know if it has diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, and acetoin maybe look someplace else. 

Myth 9. I can run in back and woop you up some juice real fast. False

When juice is first made it is not uncommon for it to have a soapy or perfume like flavor. This is common in most juices. My experience is it is especially pronounced in tobacco flavors. The way we get around this is we steep the flavors for a period of time and this lets the juice meld and become a quality flavor. It is my experience that some shops trying to be a boutique style will attempt to do this and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and that is at your expense. Now what I have had happen is customers will ask me to mix 2 or more well steeped flavors (a common one is tobacco and vanilla.) and this works pretty well most of the time because I am mixing 2 well steeped flavors.  I will also custom blend your nicotine but that again is with a flavor that has nicotine and has had the proper steeping time. 

If you have some more questions let me know and I will try to add them to this Blog post. 

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